Thinking inside the box

Everyone has had to think outside the box through these tough times, however, The Fun Experts have been thinking inside the box with the launch of their latest exciting business to deliver even more FUN with Fun Box gifts sent direct to workplaces and homes across the UK.

A simple idea that was borne from The Fun Experts sending fun to each other to keep smiling through the difficult times combined with customers asking them for help to maintain their culture and engagement, that existed previously, while their teams were separated and some working from home. 

The Fun Experts responded quickly with the launch of the website and initially designed, filled and delivered 250 with an amazing impact for the customers. Now four months later and they have created a full range of Fun Boxes including Wellbeing, Work From Home, Welcome Back to Work and the Christmas Party Boxes!

Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell commented "It's a win win! The Fun Boxes have been a great addition to the services that The Fun Experts currently provide including covid secure events and its a win for companies and their HR teams desperately trying to think of new ideas to keep their teams onside. Also proving to be great for families who are working from home much more...lets face it, who doesn't love a gift in the post.

''We understand the past few months have been difficult for everyone and we see it as our job to help keep spirits high. We are known for delivering Fun and it has been great to see how an initial idea from our team has now resulted in a new range of products. The feedback so far has been absolutely amazing! Recipients are loving the fun and are touched that they work somewhere where they are appreciated whilst from a business perspective it keeps the teams engaged and interacting. They are so versatile and have been used to introduce fun during virtual meetings, reward individuals and as a welcome back to work for those who have been working from home. We have also been asked to do Family Fun Boxes and Subscription Boxes so watch this space."

The Fun Experts Group is based in Preston and is an award winning business dedicated to delivering Fun throughout the country by it's brands Sunshine Events, Fun at Work and Fun Depot. They are pleased to be given the green light and are back delivering events and providing workplace fun!