Think ‘outside the box’ for your next meeting

Forget the mundane meeting rooms next time you need meeting space and start thinking outside the box to get the most productive meetings for your business.

Carl DarcyBy Carl D’Arcy, national sales manager, Bolton Whites Hotel.

It is a proven fact that creativity flows when delegates and employees are inspired and engaged in a more conducive setting, whether that’s a small meeting with colleagues or a catch up with suppliers.

So why do businesses stifle the situation by using meeting rooms and spaces that offer no inspiration at all?

People rely on places and rooms they already know and don’t widen the net when looking for what could actually be a more suitable venue.

When thinking about where to hold that all important meeting, think differently and you could reap the rewards in terms of output but also save money by not having to repeat the meeting because you didn’t get what you needed from it in the first place!

There are a number of venues that can offer such alternatives and here at Bolton Whites Hotel, we get commended for the pitch side meeting rooms on offer where attendees get a sense of ‘being outdoors’.

The elevation of this space makes it unusual and unique, but gives it an air of privacy as well as providing two different kinds of views, inside and out. There is some psychology that also says that being outdoors brings out the resourcefulness and imagination in people too so with us, you are half way there.

In the past, there’s been an air of hushed seriousness and opaqueness attached to the image of the conference or meeting room. The glass walls looking onto the pitch provide the sought-after transparency and the abundance of natural daylight means inspiration is never hard to come by.

So, my advice is to forget about trying to have a motivating and productivity packed meeting in a hotel bar or cafe. They don’t work.

Think privacy and seclusion in ‘a room with a view’ where conversations naturally flow and you avoid the distracting noise pollution you otherwise get.

Encourage people to unleash their inhibitions, creativity and participation in a setting that nurtures and encourages that instead. This has been the basis of the feedback we receive from businesses who have chosen to use one of our pitch view rooms and why people continue to come back to us.