The world is driven by data

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For those lucky enough to have achieved millionaire status who are reading this article, especially those who got there by good old hard work, you’ll appreciate that making millions certainly wasn’t easy.

By Aaron Crewe, managing director,

Most who have achieved this milestone had a very clear goal, and it’s unlikely they would have become a millionaire without firstly having a plan on how to get there.

At novi, working toward clear and precise goals is a priority from the outset.

Over the past decade, we’ve received a number enquiries asking: “I want my ads to display at the top for this keyword 100% of the time,” or “I want to be number 1 on Google when someone searches,” or occasionally even “I want everyone on my mailing list to open our newsletter at 2pm when our sales team are ready to take the calls.” Digital marketing doesn’t work like this. There are simply too many variables.

Take your business for example. Sometimes your focus is on increasing turnover, but ultimately, your goal is to maximise profit. How do you do this? Not just by having USPs, clear goals, great customer service and an excellent product or service, but also by studying the data your company generates.

Data shows what your customers search for, how your pages perform and what’s working or not working.

Our contacts at Google agree when we say: “Your focus shouldn’t be on what Google wants, it should be on what the user wants.”

Google leads the market because their search results provide high quality relevant websites. There are no quick fixes and you can’t game the system, so focus on what matters; learn what people are searching for, create an excellent user experience and turn those leads into sales. Most importantly, use your data!