The VW Golf is reigning champion

The Volkswagen Golf once again became the “European champion” 2020: the top-selling car in Germany and Europe, succesully defending its title as the favourite car of Germans and Europeans in 2020.

It's enduring popoularity is due to it being a compact car that is fun to drive, with great ratings and great reviews. It is fairly priced - perhaps not the first choice on the list for younger drivers starting out, but certainly not out of the range of many families. And the fuel economy is reasonable too. 

But the Golf offers more than anything else a fun, affordable driving experience with enviable relaiblity, and with a styling that we think matches any environment, town or country.

We know why we think the Golf so successful, but if you have yet to appreciate all the VW Golf has to offer, then Oldham VW can give you all the information you need to see if you agree with us that it is a worthy cahmpion once again.