The value of trust in sales

You will probably have heard by now that Amazon has opened a store in the US that has no tills or barcode scanners, instead it relies on clever machine vision technology to work out what you have picked up and put into your basket.

simon-iredale-motionlabBy Simon Iredale, CEO, Motionlab.

Funnily enough they aren’t the first, a small grocery store in Sweden has no staff (apart from the ones to stack the shelves) and you use an app to get into the store and to tell the owners what you have bought.

This is crazy... you may think. However, honesty box payment has been around forever. In my local village there are numerous stalls with a whole plethora of goodies ready for the taking, but we don’t. We are compelled as honest human beings to pay what we owe. In some cases making a song and dance about putting the money into the box to prove you’re not a criminal.

And the trust factor for purchasing is now more relevant than ever. We live in a world where we rely on trust to make purchases. This trust is gained in many ways. We trust complete strangers telling us where to eat using TripAdvisor.

The world’s biggest accommodation provider AirBnB relies on people to trust other people to stay in their house. The world’s largest taxi firm Uber relies on its passengers to trust the person that’s driving the car. And these companies only began a few years ago. They haven’t had to endure years and years of building trust and loyalty that many established brands have. This is because we live in a world where trust is value.

So, how do you use this trust in your business? I suspect the majority of people reading this will have some kind of customer satisfaction metric, some series of case studies they roll out whenever they pitch to a new customer. But is trust at the heart and soul of everything you do as a business?

It’s not good enough nowadays to do things ‘ok’, you have to go above and beyond. You need the currency of a customer review, someone who makes noise about how great their experience was with your business, and for them to share that experience with their friends, and pass on the sales pitch to their social audience.

You want your customers to be armed with passion and knowledge about your service. You want them to go and spread the word on how amazing you are. You can only do this by gaining their trust. Capitalise on the power of trust, use it everywhere. It’s free, but returns incredible impact.