The three essential roles in business

Can I share an idea with you about the three roles that any business owner must understand if they are to have a successful business?

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Each role performs a different function within the business, operates in a different time frame and requires a different mindset and set of skills. To be successful you must embrace all three:

1. The Technical Expert – deals with the Product, they make the thing, or deliver the service. They face the customer and operate in the here and now.

2. The Business Administrator – deals with the Processes required within the business. It’s about measuring and reporting, doing the paperwork and is focused on the past. What has been done?

3. The Entrepreneur – deals with the People. They are the leader, the marketer, the person with the vision and the plan. Their focus is in the future. What is possible and what are we going to do?

When we start a business, often we are the Technical Expert. Slowly and painfully we acquire the skills of the Entrepreneur and the Business Administrator. Hopefully, not make too many expensive mistakes along the way.

The challenge comes, when the going gets tough. We tend to go back to what we know, being the Technical Expert, we work harder. At the very moment we should be focusing on working ON the business, we spend more time working IN the business.

Be aware, if you going to have a successful business, you must stop doing what you WANT to do, being the Technical Expert, and start being what your business DEMAND you do, being the Entrepreneur and Business Administrator.

So, ask yourself: Which of the three roles do I spend most of my time in? And which role do I need to do more of to be successful?

John Garrod
Business and leadership coach