The signs are good for UVS

Burnley-based visual display experts Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) has launched a new dedicated digital signage service for businesses after an increase in demand triggered by the pandemic.

UVS Managing Director Steve Murphy said coronavirus had highlighted the benefits of being able to display digital images, video, streaming media, and information which can been updated quickly to respond to changing requirements.

He said that the company’s headquarters in Burnley allowed it to offer a quick and efficient advice and installation service to North West businesses who want to take advantage of the “dynamic technology” to inform customers and clients.

Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) has just celebrated 15 years in business. Its clients have included top businesses and organisations, including BT, Rolls Royce, the UK government, major banks and finance companies and police forces.

Steve Murphy said: “Digital signage is so dynamic and fast to respond to changes, which was highlighted during the Covid pandemic, when there was a critical need to update information and communicate to people quickly and efficiently.

“A small installation ranging from one to four digital display screens is incredibly easy to use and manage and works incredibly well in retail environments, reception areas and a wide variety of other settings.

“A whole range of media files with the relevant content can be uploaded and scheduled to run from a central office or a home worker’s laptop via the internet, and it is extremely easy to manage and change the information on a daily or hourly basis.”

UVS, based in the Burnley First – Burnley Business Centre, provides video wall displays and audio-visual solutions to a range of clients across the UK and the rest of the world.