The public are confused and bemused

True Bearing Pension Specialists are contracted, by many major North West employers, to advise their employees at retirement.


These employers, in both the private and public sectors, value learning and understanding more about their pensions, in a classroom situation. So why is this type of pension education so important?

Unsurprisingly "Pension simplification a few years ago, only served to make matters more complicated," says Helen Lupton, compliance director.

"In addition we see final salary pension schemes, struggling to survive. The personal pension market is changing rapidly, with new rules and new freedoms now in place."

Independent financial advisers are constantly needing to update their knowledge and pass pension exam after pension exam, because of the rapidly changing legislation.

George Critchley, chairman at True Bearing, says: "In truth the public don't stand a chance. With constant tinkering by various governments, over the past 30 years, Mr or Mrs Average have become completely confused and bemused.

"The UK needs a period where pension legislation is left alone. Preferably for at least 10 years. Politicians, don't seem to understand the damage that comes with constant change. However, the opposite is also true. “Clarity leads to confidence leads to more pension saving leads to a happier and more relaxing retirement."