The new Green Deal

Are you ready for the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a new Government initiative that will allow every British home and business to install packages of energy saving technologies such as insulation at no upfront cost. The Green Deal is set to launch in October this year for domestic properties and summer 2013 for commercial properties.

The Green Deal is fabulous opportunity for the home/business owner to reduce costs without having to find any capital and a boost for local businesses that will carry out the work required.

The process will start with an energy performance assessment from which a report (Energy Performance Certificate) will be created that will identify the measures required to make your property more efficient. These efficiency measures will be listed according to the potential savings on the energy bill.

The unique element of the Green Deal is that the cost of the improvements are paid through your energy bill yet you will still be paying less than you were before the improvements, and the “debt” is effectively attached to your electricity meter, therefore, should you move the debt stays with the property.

This scheme has the makings of a real winner……watch this space!

Is Solar still viable?

The short answer is Yes! Whilst the Feed in Tariff incentive has been reduced the cost of installation has also reduced…..significantly; and if a business is a high user of electricity then the combination of incentives plus the saving from using their own electricity can still provide returns in excess of 10%

Mat Pickup
Eco Solartech