The Myers Briggs Personality Guide: What your personality really wants this Christmas!

Welcome to the Workplace Evolution podcast #13 - a special Christmas Bonus Podcast! During this episode Michael Costello (Workplace Evolution, Lancaster) meets with John Hackston - Occupational Psychologist at the Myers Briggs Group - world famous for the MBTI Personality questionnaire.  
The podcast covers:
  • What is Personality and Why is it Important?
  • What is the MBTI Personality Framework?
  • Who Enjoys Christmas the most?
  • How Do Some Personalities Navigate Christmas? 
  • How does Personality it impact our planning in the run up to Christmas?
  • Well-Being and Mindfulness at Christmas
  • What is Santa & Scrooge's Personality?
  • How does goal setting in the New Year relate to our Personality?
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John Hackston is head of thought leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company. A chartered psychologist with over 30 years of experience of helping clients apply the insights of business psychology to the way in which they run their organisations, his experience takes in roles in management, consultancy, training and research. He regularly presents sessions at UK and international conferences and has written on a variety of topics such as personality and the gig economy, gender differences in self-confidence, what makes “Happy Leaders” and how personality could impact your exercise routine in the gym!


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