The more that things change...

Everything changes and everything stays the same, or so they say. And so it is with business as we slide into 2021.

The Covid impact stretches on, its final effects still unknown.

There are advanced stakes being placed in the ground for us to approach and pass: the March furlough end, fortnightly tiers reviews and the eventual mass vaccination.

And at each point we are assessing the levels of redundancy yet to erupt, or the ability of our hospitality sector to emerge in some way intact.

Brexit too is still so much of an unknown quantity, in terms of its actual impact once bedding-in periods of all manner of documentary changes elapse.

And yet throughout 2020 our East Lancashire manufacturers and constructors ploughed on, constrained not by a lack of orders or shrinking markets, or even covid, but by raw materials and shipping issues.

Business just wants to know what the trading regime will be

Consummate exporters, managing compliance differences and varying pricing regimes, are trying to make profits, despite the lack of clarity.

Business just wants to know what the trading regime will be, and they’ll manage the rest. At time of writing, we still lack that clarity.

So I hope all of us in Lancashire’s business community found space to have a restful Christmas and recharge for what is yet to come.

And remember - what does stay the same is the range of business support mechanisms and organisations that operate across Lancashire, including your chamber.

We remain your business continuity partner. If you need support, an expert ear, an amplifier for your voice, or a champion to battle on your behalf - we are here. Just ask.

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