The Living Wage - a cost worth paying?

Are you a Living Wage employer? In the current climate, is the Living Wage a price worth paying for the benefits it brings?

Alistair ClaytonBy Alistair Clayton, commercial director, Cleanall Services.

Front end labour savings are attractive, however implementing the Living Wage helps to alleviate the vicious circle that occures through an employee needing more hours to work and getting less time with family which is a real and present social crisis.

Adoption of the Living Wage if good for business. Businesses who implement the Living Wage benefit by:
  • Falling absenteeism
  • Staff morale leding to higher quality of work
  • Attracting and retaining better quality employees
  • Marketing the business as an outstanding socially responsible company
As a socio-economically responsible service provider we feel that where possible the Living Wage should be paid to our hard working and dedicated cleaning service operatives, but we too need the support of potnetial clients who have a similar socio-economic perspective.

Tendering for new business, especially in the poublic sector, requires certain ethical criteria. A business accredited with the Living Wage will win contracts - if all else is equal - over a business that is not. It proves real commitment to employee's lives and society as a whole.