The Fun Experts are officially a world class organisation

It was only last week that The Fun Experts reached a perfect NPS (Net Promoter score) of 100%!

We introduced our NPS score on our website through the form of our Customer Sure which comes directly from feedback that is given to our clients immediately after their event which ensures that we get the most accurate feedback possible. 

The Customers experience is integral for The Fun Experts at Sunshine Events, so we make sure that we gain feedback on every touchpoint of the customer journey. From the moment of initial contact over the phone to the point where we pack up the vans at the event, we want to hear about how well it went throughout the process.

Based on the word cloud that has pulled many reoccurring words from our customer reviews, you can see that there is a wealth of positive key terms that perfectly reflect the very essence of who we are and how we operate here at Sunshine Events.

When it comes to the rankings within an NPS, anything between 0 - 70% is classed as 'great' and anything less than 0% is considered as 'needing improvement'. For the past 6 years that we have been using Customer Sure, we can proudly say we have averaged 87 %, year in and year out meaning that we are officially classed as a 'World-class organisation'.

Since the birth of Sunshine Events back in 2003, it gives us great pride to say that we offer exceptional customer service, even compared to the like of huge brands like Costco, Apple and Amazon!