The first carbon reduction UK events company of its kind

As of the 11th October, Sunshine Events is proud to be the first carbon reduction UK events company of its kind.

Striving to do business in a more cultivated and savvy way, Sunshine Events are taking responsibility for the impact of their business on society and the environment.

At present, Sunshine Events are proudly working with Carbon Footprint to plant trees in the North West of England each month thereby offsetting carbon dioxide emissions, helping to prevent climate change and creating space for wildlife.

Sunny Sandwell, director of fun, commented: “We are very proud to be the first carbon neutral events company of its kind in the UK. In less than a year, we travelled nearly 200,000 miles and although we are so excited to be able to spread fun across the UK, we also realise the impact that this could have on the environment.

"Working with Carbon Footprint are the first steps in making Sunshine Events UK a sustainable company and although we aren’t perfect, we are looking forward to giving more smiles per miles!”

In support of their sustainability plans, all Sunshine Events’ vehicles are fuel efficient allowing for reduced miles per gallon when travelling to events across the UK. Their logistical team, otherwise known as The Fun Experts, always logistically plan by reducing the number of miles travelled and to find the most environmentally friendly route when travelling to any event. Sunshine Events are proud to be able to give something back to society and look forward to spreading more fun across the UK.