"The easiest day was yesterday"

Hi everyone, Alex here and I just want to thank you all once again for your encouragement and support and for helping us grow Carringtons Coffee Co - we've got a great thing building here for the local and wider community and we're passionately enjoying making specialty coffee accessible and sourcing and roasting great tasting lots.
June was the most intense month we've had in our lives so far. We moved house, photographed 7 weddings all over the country for Suzy Wimbourne Photography, performed a bunch of gigs for Suzy and Alex Acoustic Duo and spent Monday to Thursday at the Coffee Roastery. To celebrate, or rather to let my body and mind stop, I binged The Terminal List on Amazon Prime (Navy Seals series with Christ Pratt) after taking my first full day off in months. In one of the earlier episodes (no spoilers here) there's a poster in the background of a scene with the phrase "the easiest day was yesterday". It perfectly surmised the past month for us and the day to day of getting through it.
While it was a quiet month in terms of events at the roastery and spending less time on social media to promote Carringtons Coffee Co we made great strides in the wholesale side of the business, getting into a couple of places in Lancaster and fulfilling a number of large orders. We're working a lot behind the scenes on all the boring stuff that we'll thank ourselves for later down the line so that as we continue to grow, we can do so successfully and sustainably.
Yesterday we received shipment of freshly landed coffee for the next Doghouse and also a new coffee we aim to make our first blend out of. When we sampled the coffees last month Suzy and I both looked each other with the same 4 words on the tips of our tongues... "PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!" Never before have we tasted a coffee that is so unmistakably nutty that to pair it with some jammy highlights would make it a match made in peanut butter heaven. Stay tuned for updates across our socials as we concoct this sticky, sweet, not claggy at all masterpiece!
It's been exactly a year since we got the keys to Unit 14C Keer Park and in that time we've done a hell of a lot. Now that we've moved closer to the Roastery we can cycle and walk in with Sydney our dog and it's a hugely enjoyable time in the business having momentum, almost everything in place and a great product.