The departments of Fagan & Whalley – Behind the scenes in our vehicle workshops

With a large fleet of vehicles to look after, the maintenance teams in our vehicle workshops are always kept busy! 

Here at Fagan & Whalley, we’re proud of the service provided by our dedicated vehicle technicians in maintaining all of our vehicles in-house. With two workshops in operation across our Padiham and Coventry sites, our maintenance teams carry out a comprehensive range of services, from general maintenance, repairs and vehicle servicing, through to MOT preparation and full refurbishment of equipment.

Padiham’s Site One – our main transport and distribution hub – houses our main testing and maintenance facility, which features an eight-bay workshop, including three service pits and a roller brake tester. In operation 24/7, the Site One workshop is manned by a team of 17 experienced technicians, including three apprentices, and two members of administrative staff.

The F&W site at Coventry houses a slightly smaller, four-bay workshop, with three service pits, a roller brake tester, a tachograph calibration centre, and a smaller team of two technicians. Both sites are headed up by Engineering Manager, Adam Burgess, who has been part of the Fagan & Whalley team for over seven years. 

“All of our vehicles are maintained in-house across our Padiham and Coventry sites. Each vehicle is required by law to enter the workshop for essential maintenance every six weeks, with each trailer being assessed every ten weeks,” explains F&W Head of Operations, Daniel Wood. 

“All maintenance works are carried out by our dedicated teams, which offer a full range of skill sets, from trainee- and apprentice-level maintenance staff right through to Scania and IRTE-trained Master Technicians.

“Both sites carry out a vital, often understated, role in keeping the fleet safe, legal, and compliant. Not only that, but our maintenance teams are also responsible for ensuring all of our vehicles succeed in portraying the professional image of the brand that we’re so proud of whilst they’re out on the road.”