The cost of absences to your business

The general consensus is that we tend to only spend when we need to save. But what if we could save when we need to spend?

When it comes to the wellbeing of our employees, we’re either pro-active or re-active. The latter certainly seeming the most common.

It seems easier to hope for the best and deal with a problem if and when one should arise - sometimes never dealing with them at all!

However, no matter who you employ, or the type of industry you’re in, it’s inevitable that someone at some point will be absent with either a medical, physical or mental issue. If not, then you’re extremely lucky!

Realistically though, successful businesses rarely have anything to do with luck. They are successful because they make calculated, thorough, future-proof decisions. Relying on luck is being open to failure.

Having fewer absences is rarely anything to do with luck either. There is no coincidence that organisations with the fewest absences are the same organisations that have a wellbeing strategy or policy. Limiting employee sick days is of importance to them and ensuring that prompt action is taken in the event of an injury or sickness is a priority.

No matter who you employ, someone at some point will be absent

Contrary to what some believe, wellbeing strategies aren’t costly either; they’re actually cost-effective! It just depends if a business takes appropriate action with an early intervention, or brushes an issue under the carpet and hope it goes away. One is cost-effective, the other can be very costly.

Our employees are our biggest competitive advantage. Let’s look after them.

To give you an idea of where you can save when you need to spend, try our free cost of absence calculator on our website.

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