The best YouTube channels for architects to watch

My most recent blog discussed podcasts for people with an interest in architecture (Faris Mousa: The best podcasts for architects to listen to). Podcasts are popular with busy people as you can listen while undertaking your daily routines, from DIY to exercising to commuting.

Now I am turning my attention to YouTube channels, which coincidentally comes at a time when we are all being encouraged to ‘self-quarantine’ and stay at home. So here are some great content creators who can help you explore the world of architecture, whether or not you’re indoors by choice.

The B1M

A British-based channel which looks at the construction (and sometimes deconstruction) of buildings around the world, including Olympic stadiums, airports, skyscrapers and bridges. A new video, usually no more than 10 minutes in length, is published every Wednesday.

30X40 Design Workshop

This American channel explores the day-to-day work of architects and helps students understand what the role involves and keeps professionals informed of developments. It includes how-to guides, answers common questions and reviews popular tools and platforms.




Dezeen is the most frequently-updated channel on this list. It publishes a mixture of up-to-the-minute architecture-related news, interviews with prolific industry professionals (many award-winners among them) and also feature-length documentaries on important topics from sustainability to the demolition debate.

Architectural Digest

The popular magazine, known for showcasing the latest trends in architecture and design, has a channel which takes you inside some of the day’s hottest properties. It’s an opportunity to look inside a variety of very expensive and exclusive homes, many of them owned by celebrities.

How to Architect

A great educational tool created by a seasoned and award-winning architect who is keen to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation. The channel shares the same name as his popular book, and is designed to help people at the beginning of their careers. It includes some fascinating studies on buildings and how they have been designed to combat particular challenges.