The best time to buy a car? Monday lunchtime!

The focus on working from has caused a shift in both how and when people are choosing to buy their new vehicles - and now there is a fantastic reason to love Mondays! Monday midday is now "new car day" in the UK as that is when most people are choosing to purchase their new vehicle.

Monday was always the most popular day of the week, with people spending their weekends researching their choices. But before we were all spending so much time at home, most buyers - according to - would reserve a car and place a deposit between 5pm and 6pm, or after the traditional working day was finished. Now, the site is more likely to see orders placed between 11am and 3pm!

With the latest "stay at home" measures coming into place, we are expecting this trend to continue, with buyers far more able to mix their personal and professional use of technology whilst at home. And let's face it - a lovely new car could be just the uplift that we need in theses challenging times!

Motor Match with locations in Stockport and Bolton are here to help. You can browse, select and reserve all online, at any time. And be ready to collect at your convenience. 

Banish Monday blues forever and embrace new car day with Motor Match!