The best things in life are free

My working day revolves around thinking about the built environment. It can be a home, or a workspace. Each project has its own challenges, but in many ways they’re the same: designing, procuring, constructing .

This weekend I went back to nature, and it was an incredible experience.

Just a couple of hours’ drive away is Ullswater, deep in the Lake District. Another 90 minute walk and we were soon surrounded by beautiful British countryside: a sparkling, deep blue lake, bright blue skies and rolling hills in various shades of green.

No phone calls, no emails, no alerts and no distractions, sharing the experience with my wife and kids.

I’ve written before about how I consider family time to be so important - that’s why I like to make the dining table the focal point of a home. my trip to Ullswater spent walking among the beautiful, natural surroundings, was the perfect day with my family.

The most amazing part is how accessible it all is. The fresh air didn’t cost anything, the views didn’t cost anything, time spent with my family didn’t cost anything. It’s all free, it’s right on our doorstep and its all there for our appreciation.

And yet how many of us take it for granted and forget to take time out of our busy lives to appreciate nature, time away from work and spending time with the ones we love?