The best podcasts for architects to listen to

In 2020, there’s a podcast for every occasion. They’re relatively inexpensive to make, and easy to access - you can listen on your way to work, at the gym, or while doing DIY or jobs around the house. That means there’s a show for every interest, and architects and people interested in architecture are well catered for. Here are some of the more popular shows freely available today.

The Architecture Happy Hour

Offered in bitesize chunks, Happy Hour won’t take up too much of your time but does give fun and informal insights into current architecture stories, ranging from career advice to buildings in the news (see Faris Mousa: The Notre Dame fire was a tragedy and a cause for optimism)

Buildings on Air

For something more in-depth, Buildings on Air offers lengthy shows in which the hosts and a varied cast of guests discuss a wide variety of architecture-related topics.

Failed Architecture

As the name suggests, this is one of the more informal architecture podcasts, but is very popular with its audience as it isn’t afraid to have frank discussions about architecture and its place in society, and even criticise bad architecture.


Scaffold is a fascinating podcast if you’re interested in learning more about the personalities that shape modern-day architecture and trends, with regular long-form interviews with people in the news.

About Buildings and Cities

This British-made podcast lives up to its name, but there’s much more besides. It’s a podcast about architecture, buildings and cities, from the distant past to the present day, but its hosts are fond of drifting off onto other topics that are just as informative and fun.

99% Invisible

One of the most popular podcasts of the moment, 99% Invisible takes a look behind-the-scenes of the way everyday things are designed and built. This fascinating insight has created a huge audience ranging from industry insiders to the layman and offers something of value to every listener.