Testing to begin on new fracking site

The company behind the hydraulic fracking work in Lancashire is to undertake several months of testing at a site near Westby.

Cuadrilla Resources will move its rig to the Anna’s Road site in the next few weeks as part of its continuing exploration programme. The company is looking to gain a greater understanding of the local geology and measure the amount of natural gas held in the shale rock below the surface.

It will be Cuadrilla’s fourth exploration well, following drilling operations in Singleton, Weeton and at Banks in West Lancashire, though the practice remains controversial.

More than 250 residents of the Fylde turned up to a recent meeting with company representatives and local politicians, with more turned away after the venue reached capacity.

Questions were raised about the regulation of the practice, which many consider dangerous and to blame for small earthquakes which occurred in Blackpool earlier in the year, whilst the panel worked to address the fears.