Ten days until tax deadline and 10% expected to leave it until the last minute

Data released today by self-assessment software GoSimpleTax has revealed that the average time its users spent filing their return is only 63 minutes and 21 seconds.

Despite this, hundreds of thousands are still expected to file in the final minutes.

Mike Parkes, technical director at GoSimpleTax, has urged people to start the process as soon as possible.

He said: “The clock is ticking however; you need to get started as soon as possible as the penalties for filing late are high. The reason our users are able to make light work of their tax return is due to the helpful notifications to stop you making mistakes and avoiding any penalties and user-friendly service which is there for you if you’re doing a last minute return.

“HMRC frowns upon deliberate errors and lateness. When it comes to submitting your self-assessment tax return, it’s crucial that you are prepared, organised and understand fully what it is HMRC is looking for.”

Other ways people could spend 63 minutes and 21 seconds include:

  • Running a 10k
  • Listening to Bohemian Rhapsody 11.4 times
  • Drive from Manchester to Leeds
  • Walk from Buckingham Palace to Kings Cross
  • Watching an episode of the popular new series ‘You’ on Netflix
  • Take part in a yoga session