Teen Harry delivers

Helping local businesses to grow has enabled an enthusiastic Chorley teenager to grow a successful business of his own.

Eighteen months ago, 15 year old Harry Longworth took the plunge and set up Buckshaw Leaflet Distribution, offering a monthly service to local trades, services, shops and businesses. He now personally delivers around 20,000 leaflets or flyers to the 3,000 plus homes on Buckshaw Village each month.

Harry explained: “When I was 13 I began delivering a local business magazine and came to realise there was a gap in the market. As ‘Buckshaw’ continues to grow and more businesses appear on the scene, there is a need for them to get their message ‘out there.’ I have made it my job to help them.

“I usually deliver batches of six leaflets or flyers to every home. It can be hard, physical work, particularly when the weather is bad, but it’s very rewarding in lots of ways. I’ve bought a new computer and I’m looking forward to buying my own moped when I’m 16. I also get lots of positive feedback, from customers and people I meet on the rounds.”

The enterprising entrepreneur is currently in Year 11 at St Michael’s High School, Chorley and gearing up for GCSE exams.

“I have to balance my business with my school demands but it’s going well. My ambition is to go to Runshaw College and take Business Studies amongst other subjects. I’d like to expand my leaflet business after College and I’m thinking about a local business magazine of my own, exclusively for Buckshaw Village.”

As his immediate catchment area continues grow with Buckshaw’s ongoing expansion, so the ever-ambitious teenager aims to develop his business in tandem. Harry’s mum, Dawn Longworth, commented: “We are delighted with Harry’s achievements so far. The family helps when we can, but he is very focused on his business. My job is to ensure his other responsibilities don’t suffer.”