Tech entrepreneurs offered home in Lancaster

Technology entrepreneurs are being offered the opportunity to establish themselves in a highly advanced ICT centre.

InfoLab21Lancaster University’s InfoLab21 has created spaces to allow up to 20 newly-established technology companies to take advantage of being located in an environment with some of the leading ICT academic brains in the UK, as well as other dynamic technology businesses and innovators.

The hot-desking spaces, which are available for businesses to hire one day a week, will enable increased opportunities for networking with relevant academics, graduates and technology business-owners. This could lead to increased innovations of products and services.

Steve Fish, head of business partnerships and enterprise at the School of Computing and Communications in InfoLab21, said: “The co-location facilities at InfoLab21, including these new hot-desking spaces, are a fantastic way for businesses to take advantage of having one of Europe’s leading ICT centres of excellence right here in Lancashire.

“Being located within InfoLab21 allows for easy exchange of ideas which could lead to innovations that help give an edge in a competitive marketplace.”

Since being built in 2005, InfoLab21 has seen more than 50 businesses locate within its walls. Many of these businesses have grown in size, creating jobs and helping to boost Lancashire’s economy. Recent growth successes include Lancaster-based web-hosting company NuBlue, which was set up in InfoLab21 by two brothers, and now employs more than 20 people.