Taylor Patterson's German pension exchange

Taylor Patterson welcomed six students working for the German Pension Institute, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund to their offices to provide the students with an insight into how pensions operate in the UK.

The students from Berlin are visiting Lancashire for 4 weeks as a part of the Embrace Cooperation exchange programme.

Embrace has provided holistic work placement schemes now since 2000. The organisation realised that many young adults needed practical experiences in order to gain skills and abilities. Combining job skills training with communication and personal development workshops during work placements enhances better job outcomes.

During the work placement the students will receive further training (cultural/ linguistic preparation) and a presentation about their LifeDream concludes their stay. This is also the focus of their work placement because it makes them think what they want to do with their professional life and whether their chosen path is what they wish to do for the foreseeable future.

Gillian Bardin, managing director, was joined by Nick Howarth, workplace pensions coordinator, in welcoming the students to their Preston offices. Nick even introduced himself to the students in German, as he spent six months living in the country.

Gillian Bardin said: “It was great to be involved with this programme particularly given that the students had a particular interest in pensions. The challenge for Nick and I was to deliver an overview of UK pensions in a simple, easy to understand way!” Nick added: “It was great to meet the students as well as learn a little about how pensions operate in Germany, although my German language skills didn’t expand into pension terminology”