Talking high performing teams, brutal humility and diversity with a Red Arrows pilot

In this incredible episode of the Workplace Evolution Podcast, Business Psychologist Michael Costello investigates one of the UK’s most famous teams...the Red Arrows with former Red Arrows Pilot & Author Justin Hughes.

This episode describes how the Red Arrows sustain a high performance culture by ensuring ‘Brutal Humility’, Psychological Safety, Accountability, Challenging Performance & Managing Ambiguity. The conversation also explores the team's quest for perfection which raises the challenge 'Why hasn't the Red Arrows ever had Black, Asian or Minority Ethnicity representation on the team?' Also, what are the team's future challenges when the financials are so tight right now?

With Top Gun 2 coming out this year, Michael also wanted to know if the film Top Gun was anything like reality and whether Mavericks in teams can add value (Dominic Cummings & Dennis Rodman may happen to come up in this conversation).

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