Take your business to the gym

Times are tough for many people at the moment. Many businesses have grown in the good times and had great returns. Now that times are harder those few issues that you hadn’t dealt with, lets be honest they didn’t seem such an issue in the good times, are coming back to haunt you.

When was the last time you had a good look at your business? I mean really looked, worked out which are the great bits and the not so great bits. Is your business fit or flabby?

So you’ve looked at your business you know how fit it is, now go and look again. Yes I do mean again, not necessarily today but regularly.

The thing is life changes, things change. So your business changes too. Think of it like your body, you go to the gym, you get in great shape, but what happens if you don’t go back? The flabby bits return, those well honed muscles turn to jelly, very soon it looks like you’ve never been to the gym at all.

The same happens with our business, we spend time on it, its running brilliantly. We keep our head down and keep the work moving, but while we’re busy something else is happening, change. Next time you look up that brilliant business isn’t quite so amazing, it might not be much but something isn’t running as well.

So if you join a business gym, what comes first, the fitness assessment of course. A good look at where you are, where you’ve been and which way the business is going in a number of key areas. Your accountant is a good starting point for this assessment, a good accountant will be able to tell you all sorts of things about your business. Most importantly of all, they will give you another point of view on your business.

Gavin Taylor
Mayes Accountants