Supporting the financial and professional sector

The finance and professional sectors have been through a challenging three years with businesses finding their clients drop away as work in particular areas dries up, goes in-house or clients find cheaper alternatives.

As the UK slips back into recession, businesses need to look for new opportunities to grow, but it can be hard to find the right funding. Rosebud Business Solutions have been at the forefront of supporting businesses in a period where borrowing has become a serious challenge.

Rosebud Business Solutions provides debt and equity funding from £50,000 to over £1,000,000. Typically Rosebud will be part of a larger package of funding and if you are struggling to put a package together then Access 2 Finance can help.

It is a free service that provides investment ready companies with some options for funding their dreams.

In addition to Rosebud, The North West Fund has funding available for debt and equity investments between £50,000 and £2m. There are six funds available and Rosebud can work with 5 of them, the exception being the Biomedical fund.

Rosebud works with both The North West Fund in investments and with Access 2 Finance North West.

As well as finance and professional services, Rosebud provides finance to growing businesses in the following sectors: aerospace; energy and environment; advanced manufacturing; creative and digital.

Sue Roberts
Rosebud Business Solutions