Supporting mental health and wellbeing

The Landmark Business Club is the ideal solution for anyone who has had to work in new ways due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The huge increase in demand for their business facilities is believed to be caused by those struggling to work from home, and by a raft of new companies starting up, whether due to redundancies or personal circumstances. 

Since the health crisis took hold, organisations have closed their offices and asked staff to work from home. For many people this situation is challenging. 

Customers cite distractions from young children at home, and loneliness of working in isolation as important factors in making the move to The Landmark’s collaborative work environment.

One of the members, who was guest speaker at LBV’s Health and Wellbeing Conference, is David Scholes, director of Mindsight, a mental health and wellbeing consultancy.

He said: “It has been a very challenging time to start out on your own, but The Landmark has made things a lot better for us. Running a business that’s to do with mental health and wellbeing, it starts with yourself, and being in the house all the time wasn’t good for me. 

“I needed a separate area to put space between work and home, and that’s why I started looking for other options.

Part of the business involves going into other organisations and advising them on mental health issues, which is why I originally went to The Landmark, to see what we could do from a business point of view, and that was when I saw the facilities and I thought this would be a great place that would work for me. It’s a little bit wow!’

Claire Rhodes, manager at The Landmark, said: ‘We offer all the benefits of a totally modern workspace with ultrafast internet, state of the art audio visual facilities for video conferencing, boardrooms and meeting rooms. One of the main appeals for customers of The Landmark Business Club is the Covid-safe networking and collaborative working opportunities it affords.’

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