Supporting 12 charities in 12 months throughout 2022

NORI HR and Employment Law will be supporting 12 Charities in 12 Months throughout 2022 hosting a charity event, or taking part in a charity challenge, every month to raise funds that will be split equally among 12 local charities.

The move comes after a report by the Charity Commission, published in October 2021, found that nearly all charities have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with a majority (60 per cent) reporting a loss of income.

Amrita Govindji-Bruce, joint managing director, said that Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR had always been important to the fast-growing family firm, but that the acute need to replenish income lost to the pandemic was a key factor in the decision to launch its #12in12for12 campaign: “We’re really lucky to enjoy a big presence in the Lancashire business community, and we want to put that to good use by drawing on our extensive network of connections and encouraging them to get involved. Supporting 12 Charities in 12 Months throughout 2022 is really important to us.

“Whether that’s paying to attend our fundraising events, becoming corporate sponsors, donating to the charity challenges we’re setting ourselves or simply amplifying our messages on social media and beyond, there are so many ways businesses and their people can support this worthy initiative with us, and we really hope they will because these local charities need our help more than ever.”

Launch Meeting with charities on Zoom supporting 12 Charities in 12 Months

Rossendale Hospice is one of the charities set to benefit from the initiative. Head of Fundraising, Clare Richards, said: “When you see just how much the team at NORI HR and Employment Law are taking on here, it’s amazing – not only organising all these events but also taking part in their own fundraising challenges, it’s such a big commitment.

“As a small charity, one of our biggest fundraising barriers is a lack of visibility, and so whilst we look forward to sharing in some of the monies raised by all this activity in 2022, we’re also really grateful for the extra awareness it will create for us.”

The year-long series of events gets underway later this month with the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2021. Others include a casino night and a 25 mile canoe challenge.

The official launch, supporting 12 Charities in 12 Months throughout 2022, was held in December 2021. “We had planned to bring a our charity partners together for a group photoshoot but the surge in Omicron cases meant we had to rethink this and do it virtually instead which is ironic,” said Amrita, “considering that Covid is one of the main reasons for us embarking on this in the first place, and just shows how the pandemic is continuing to cause disruption.” 

2022 Event Calendar

Find out how you can get involved supporting the Charity by viewing the 2022 Event Calendar on our dedicated page at