Support your staff with financial wellbeing at a time they need is most

“Money and mental health are often linked. Poor mental health can make managing money harder and worrying about money can make mental health worse. People need advice and support for both.” Paul Farmer – CEO – Mind Charity

Mental Health Awareness Week highlighted the strong commitment UK employers clearly hold with regards Mental Health and the Wellbeing of their staff. Red Star Education works with employers to support staff specifically in terms Financial Wellbeing which research strongly highlights can make the biggest contribution to positive mental health.

70% of the UK’s workforce spend a fifth of their time at work worrying about their finances. This costs the economy around £120bn per year. 

55% of employees said that experiencing financial pressure affects their ability to perform effectively in the workplace, whilst more than 50% would value support from their employer.

A series of recent studies places financial stress as the number 1 stress for UK workers ahead of concerns for health and work-life balance. 69% employees said they feel worried / stressed about their financial situation. This is their number 1 worry.

Almost three in four Brits 74% have been so stressed at least once over the last year that they’ve felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. 32% say financial worries affect their ability to sleep on a regular basis.

Debt and mental health have closely related links in both directions. People who have debt problems are twice as likely to develop a common mental health disorder.

FINANCIAL WELLBEING in the workplace

Red Star Education has been delivering Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace courses to employers of all sizes for 5 years and we would like to introduce the potential for these courses, right now, via online mediums for your staff teams – whatever their current circumstances.

Support your staff with Financial Wellbeing at a time they need is most, with courses for employees on furlough, working at home and should the worse be happening, employees being made redundant.

Informal, Interactive, Fun

Not words often associated with Financial Wellbeing Training but, our work with over 40 professional football clubs around the UK has made us experts in engaging our audiences positively to ensure the very best learning is achieved by them all. 

All of our courses include a range of:

Direct information | Group interaction | Competitive Quizzes | Learning resources to take away.

Our promise to you

Red Star Education does not ‘sell’ anything to participants. We are not an accountants firm or legal firm where our advice is linked to products or services we are pushing clients to take up with us. This is why we have been so successful over the last 5 years.

We offer top quality, independent information – with no upsells, cross sells, complicated wording and jargon. We care about the same as you – the wellbeing of your staff.

We are experts in the subjects of Financial Wellbeing and teaching diverse groups about it. Across our wider work we deliver courses extensively to groups under the age of 18 right through to people well past their retirement age.

We have worked with over 40 professional football academies to train their youth squads about Financial Wellbeing and we apply the same principles to them as we do to our corporate clients:

  • Teaching about Financial Wellbeing ‘in the real world’, with easy to understand language.
  • An independent, safe, supportive, engaging and trustworthy environment for discussions.
  • Providing simple to use but really important tools to think about your finances and manage them effectively.
  • Opportunities for following up technical questions through our specialist team or by signposting you to external organisations, as appropriate.

Our course leaders all have Financial Qualifications and Teaching Qualifications. We pride ourselves on delivering quality and it is based on years of qualifying and experience.

Red Star Education is a family owned business so we know how important it is to provide support to your staff at a cost feasible to your business. We can provide a range of options to enhance our courses in terms of your own particular requirements and ensure you and your staff get the maximum possible out of your investment at a time when we know every penny counts.

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