Sunshine rocks their socks

The Fun Experts at Sunshine Events did not get dressed in the dark and end up with odd socks on by accident! Instead they planned to go a little crazy and promote World Down Syndrome Day 2018.

For such a fantastic cause in raising awareness around Down Syndrome and focusing on the positive, people across the world have embraced the fun and as Fun Experts, well we couldn't help ourselves.

You can see the video of them hit  the red carpet in their choice of socks and choose your winner in our full blog.


Sunny Sandwell, Director of Fun, explained 'This fantastic cause in raises awareness around Down Syndrome and focusses on the positive, so as people around the world embraced the fun, we couldn't help ourselves. I think everyone should watch the video 50 Mums | 50 Kids |1 Extra Chromsome which was described by James Corden as "...the most beautiful carpool. It made me cry” to start to understand. The Team of Fun Experts at Sunshine Events are well known for their efforts in corporate social responsibility and creating an amazing place to work with lots of variety and fun. The Team walked the catwalk, enjoyed cakes, fundraised and awarded the prize for best pair.