Summer holidays

The worst winter for 30 years, volcanic ash grounding flights – and all in the first six months of the year.

What else can we have thrown at us over the next six months to stop us getting to the office and allowing everyone to get some work done? With the summer holiday season upon us, perhaps it is time to think about this as an opportunity to change the way we think about working patterns.

Flexible working with the help of remote access to email, data and business systems like Sage has become essential.

Using Blackberry, iPhones or laptops can not only help your business cope with the things that nature throws at us, it can also bring an added benefit to staff which enables them to juggle a busy working life with an equally busy home life without causing detriment to either.

Is it time for your business to investigate the benefits, which include :-

Increased Productivity: When your staff have uninterrupted access to information productivity is greatly increased as there is no ‘dead-time’ when they are unable
to work.

Customer Satisfaction: Your team is able to respond to customer commitments and queries out of the office as easily as when you are in the office.

Job Satisfaction: When employees have the freedom to control where they work it can increase their satisfaction, which means a happier workforce who are more committed.

BUT REMEMBER: Just because you can answer emails 24/7 doesn’t mean you have to.

Companies across the North West have the ability to work wherever and whenever they need to. When it comes to the systems your business needs to survive and thrive, trust us you’re in good company.

Mark Hope, director, StoneHouse Logic.