Stop Food Waste Day 2020

Food waste is a massive issue at the best of times, contributing to ever-growing landfill and also to greenhouse emissions, but right now it’s even more of a problem. With people advised to keep leaving their houses to an absolute minimum and only shop for essentials, we need to be more aware than ever of reducing food waste to ensure that we’re using everything we possibly can.


On a production level, here at Singletons & Co. we already takes steps to make sure we reduce waste. 

Our dairy is designed to ensure that we can get the most out of every last drop of milk brought in daily from our local farms, keeping the process efficient and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Each year, we handcraft 1,000 tonnes of cheese that is enjoyed across the UK and beyond. The by-product of cheese production is whey, the liquid substance left when the solid curd is extracted. But what happens to this?


Here on site, we use the whey cream to make our delicious butter – a whopping 10,000kg per year! We’ve been doing this since 1934 (and probably even longer!) and over the years, this butter has won numerous prestigious awards. Perfect for cooking, baking and just enjoying on bread or crackers, it’s a real taste sensation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our butter is in high demand! Available in Booths, Asda and local food halls, every pack made delights consumers.


When the whey is drained off in the cheesemaking process, its different constituents are separated. The remaining cream is slowly churned in a butter churner which allows the fats to split and expand into delicious creamy butter. The ‘left over’ liquid is taken away for processing, later used for whey protein products and animal feeds.  

Using our whey in this way, as opposed to simply pouring it away, we are able to reduce our own contribution to food waste. If everyone does their bit, we could make an enormous collective difference!

We also share advice with our customers, such as best practice for storing and using our handcrafted cheeses, and even wrote a blog chock full of tips for keeping cheese fresh at home. 

Let’s all work together this Stop Food Waste Day to make a difference – every small change counts.