StoneHouse Logic - Regional Development

StoneHouse Logic is proud to announce its plan to continue expansion into new geographical areas.

It is part of our business growth and development initiative, and will see the company expanding both within the current regions and moving into new markets.

As a result of the continued high performance over the last few years, increasing by 25% on average each year, StoneHouse Logic is looking to expand into new regions and also grow the Lancashire area to build on the overall potential of the company. In order to achieve this the company is looking to develop new business partnerships with established IT specialists from either the Microsoft or Sage solution portfolio.

The firm said; "Our current Manchester and West Yorkshire regions have been trading for over two years and a large part of the growth plans were to assure all our customers that our current level of service will not be impacted on by our strategy to build into new areas.

"This growth is entirely natural in its essence and designed to allow more resource across all the areas, this is completed through the Regional Partners working with each other and Lancashire where specialisms allow. We are taking on extra staff to support the growth of the business, so we will be able to continue our high level of support for all customers, and benefit from the expertise of new employees.

“The growth into new areas has been more organic rather than forced, something we have found to benefit our customers as well as ourselves and is the intention going forward.”