Still using an old desktop accounting app?

If you’re still using desktop software to run your accounts, it’s time to consider a cloud-based alternative.

‘The cloud’ is more than just a popular buzzword now. It offers real-world benefits from day one.

Firstly, it enables you to work from wherever you want, on whatever device you wish. You’ll have full access to and control over your data.

Secondly, despite what some may worry about, it’s actually safer and more secure than your desktop setup.

That’s because everything is held on UKFast servers which utilise a far higher grade of protection than most businesses can afford for their own systems - on par with that used by banks.

Another perceived drawback is the headache of switching from an old system to a new one - but systems such as Liquid Cloud Accounts have you covered.

You can use its tools to seamlessly import your data from Sage 50 and other accounting software, meaning you’re up and running right away.

As it’s browser-based, there’s no installation required and no ongoing maintenance. You don’t need to worry about updates or backups, that’s all handled on their side.

And no matter what system you’re using - from your PC to your phone - you’ll have access to the exact same set of features and functionality across the board.

In summary, cloud-based accounting is more flexible and more secure than your current alternative, and easy to get started.

If you’re interested in learning more, we offer a no-obligation 20-minute run-through guided by one of our product specialists who can answer all of your questions.

And when you’re ready to make the switch, we offer 50 per cent off the first six months.