Specialised Cleaning Services surprises workforce for national employee motivation day

Sarah Southworth, owner of Specialised Cleaning Services has launched a new initiative to treat her team during the cold winter months as part of National Employee Motivation Day.

National Employee Motivation Day aims to encourage business owners and managers to take steps to recognise and reward the hard work of their teams and boost morale amongst the ranks.

Owner Sarah Southworth took this opportunity to launch a new initiative to provide hot drinks and soups to her teams who are working extremely hard in often extreme conditions over the winter months.

Sarah said: “We launched the initiative today because with the clocks having just gone back the colder weather is now marching in. The nature of our work means that we are often working in buildings that have been stood empty for a long period of time and have no electricity at all. This means that, at times, our working conditions are extremely cold and as our projects often start early in the morning, the periods of darkness would naturally impact upon anyone’s morale.

“The recent rapid growth of business means that I am not out on site with the teams as often, but despite that I want them to know that I understand and appreciate how hard they are working under what can be very challenging conditions.”

The team were made aware of the new scheme at their regular 6.30am briefing meeting, with Sarah leading them to believe that this was to be a one-off treat, before revealing that it would be a daily occurrence for the teams during the winter months. Rob Bullen, who has worked for Specialised Cleaning Services for 4 years said: “It’s just like Sarah to be thoughtful in this way but it was a really nice surprise when she told us her plans to keep us in regular supply of hot drinks while we are out on site. It might not seem like a big deal to someone who is office based but it’s something that you really miss when you work at a new location every day!”