Software to enhance remote working

Remote working is here to stay, so to keep your home workers happy, give them the best tools to work productively and effectively.

A lot of business software has moved online, accessed through a browser; and services like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace ensure you can share documents and emails easily wherever you are.

What has been more challenging for businesses is the core, line of business applications:
the accounting, CRM, payroll, and stock control software that has a desktop client installed on a PC and a database running on a server.

Connecting to and running these applications remotely can be problematic, often involving convoluted network solutions using VPNs or remote-control software; solutions which rarely give home workers a good experience.

This is where a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution can really help. With DaaS (sometimes called Hosted Desktops) your business software - front-end client, back-end database, documents, and files - are all moved to a cloud-hosted remote desktop service.

This enables everyone in your company to connect to and run your business applications from anywhere over the internet, even using non-Windows devices, with performance just as good as being sat in the office and running it on their PCs.

A DaaS service from Your Office Anywhere starts from less than £30 a month, and with a low setup fee.

Moving to DaaS is very straightforward and no technical knowledge is needed by customers. Your Office Anywhere provides a fully managed service and looks after all the technical side of things; they are also ISO 27001 certified for Information Security.