Social media: Don’t leave it to chance

Your business may work hard on promoting content through website(s), blogs, and social media with the hope that it is shared widely. Why leave it to chance?

Charles Cox TLMGBy Charles Cox, CEO, TLMG.
There are opportunities that lie in social media that could give your business the results you need and reach a larger audience in the process. One of the most significant is paid advertising.

Firstly it is important to establish which social media networks are right for your business. As a rule of thumb, you may want to use advertising on Twitter to increase followers, Facebook to build your community and LinkedIn to generate leads.

However, the advertising platform you use will depend on the audience you are trying to reach and the overall objective.

Set your objectives first: do you want to increase conversions to your website, promote your page, raise attendance at an event or get video views?

Whatever your goal is, with promoted posts and paid for advertising you can reach larger volumes of people and potentially increase sales as a result through a variety of social media networks.

Think about your campaigns methodically. Taking your time and understanding your audience will help you in the long run and enable you to target the right market. This is where the use of analytical tools become crucial.

Once you have developed a campaign that is working, try not to get too comfortable and don’t allow your campaign to be abandoned. Social media is fast changing so always take the time to evaluate each of your campaigns. Use the analytics available to you daily to make sure that your campaigns are achieving what you need them to. What might work for one campaign may not for another.

If you have identified video as an essential component to your social media strategy, be consistent with your presence and look at the possibility of paid advertising. If you post on YouTube, post regularly and at the same time every week to encourage return visitors. If used wisely, this medium of advertising has great potential for all sectors. But in spite of the many obvious benefits of advertising on social media, tread carefully. Start with a small budget, set a strategy and understand your target market.