Snog, Marry or Avoid

The “Snog, marry or avoid” test (where you opt for a brief fling, a long term relationship or none of the above) applies and a blend of emotional and rational decisions are made along the way before you can make your final decision on the perfect partner.

It all boils down to the objective of your website, its role within your business and how you expect your customers to engage with your brand. Do you need to impress your target audience for a brief period or are you looking for a meaningful long term connection.

Ask yourself whether lasting comfort or convenience is more important than outright sex appeal.

For a ‘digital snog’, then your site must turn heads, it needs to be original, attractive and forthright. You can afford to break a few rules a little as the user needs to be seduced and have no option but to get some “action” quickly. Often sites like these are packed with new visitors (more than 70%) and the goal is to impress, engage and convert. Keep the user journey as linear as you can; reduce unnecessary choice.

Finally keep the messages short and the calls to action big.

If your site is a destination for repeat customers on a regular basis (an ‘electronic marriage’) then stick to convention, ensure that form follows function; promote popular content and where possible install intelligent features that make them feel loved when users return (eg personalised messages).

In all cases test your site independently, we all like good listeners… so listen to your users needs and that way you can ensure they don’t choose the option to avoid!

James Berzins