Smart IT develops online reputation project in Asia

A Kirkham IT firm is breaking down international boundaries with the development of computer software at the forefront of internet marketing technology.

Smart IT teamSmart IT is working with international media company M3 in Manila to develop an application called Susaami, which automatically performs a range of tasks to configure internet related information on specific clients or groups.

This progressive, intelligent IT technology drives M3’s business workflow and allows its marketing specialists to monitor and improve the global online footprints of its clients in Asia.

Adrian Stewart, chief operating officer at M3 explains: “Using Smart IT’s expertise, our automated software engines provide objective measurements of any company, brand or individual across a range of defined digital elements.

“Data is automatically categorised so that we can then craft tailored, consistent marketing messages, with more web posts, tweets, blogs and all manner of new content to improve online visibility. We can quickly identify any areas of weakness and take steps to strengthen them.

“Digital footprint management is a new approach to internet based content, so our software development work with Smart IT is proving increasingly influential.”

The Susaami software can also be applied to identify and request the removal of incorrect or libellous information on the internet.

Smart IT director Pauline Bullen said: “The modern marketing landscape has changed and advertising budgets are now being applied for online and internet driven campaigns designed to maximise positive visibility.

“Online reputation management is a crucial element of this strategy and using smart software like this is an integral cog. We are developing increasingly complex IT solutions to help manage the business processes of international companies.

“There are no geographical boundaries to this type of work. From our base here in the North West of England, with M3 we are already helping companies maintain their standing in any corner of the globe.” Smart IT supports a range of clients in North Lancashire and beyond, from small businesses to large, across many different sectors including energy, food production, financial and professional services.