Small things make a big difference

Business travellers are like everyone else when it comes to hotels. When having to stay away from home on business, we all worry about where we are staying and what it will be like.

CRM PictureCameron McNeillie, general manager, Preston Marriott.
Will I find the venue and will I find a parking space? Will the bed be comfortable? Will the food be good and will there be a comfortable bar? Can I get easy access to the internet and how much does it cost?

An online search makes it easier to find hotels of course. We can see pictures, find out what previous guests thought and search for all the components that make up the perfect business stay.

Unfortunately, budgets don’t always match our desires and, as such, on many occasions travellers are forced to settle for second best.

Weighing up the cost of accommodation is simple – if you set it against productivity. If you, your staff or visitors have a good enough reason to stay away from home, then the least you should have is a hotel experience that prepares you as well as possible for the reason you’re away.

We all know the venue can make or break a trip so while rates and costs are important, it is essential to have confidence that the trip will work out – a better the experience increases the likelihood of a successful and productive visit.

At Preston Marriott we understand the business traveller because business customers are at the heart of what we offer. We understand that being there for what individuals need and offering a seamless and stress-free stay makes for a better overall experience. Most importantly, we know that a comfortable hotel takes away unnecessary strain when being away from home.

Backed with Marriott International standards we have the tools to make a stay the best it can be.

With complimentary internet in public areas, keeping costs down for our customers are important, and with the Marriott Rewards scheme available, anyone can enjoy additional benefits from complimentary breakfast to rewarding stays at Marriott Hotels around the world.

One thing is for sure, at any Marriott Hotel a good night’s sleep is never a worry as the Revive Bedding package is an industry leader and once tried, it’s never forgotten! Speak to us at Preston Marriott to discuss corporate rates and make a stay at Marriott affordable, easy and rewarding.