Slingco sister company Thurra supports local manufacturers

Thurra has produced a comprehensive guide on manufacturing and industrial inspections for factories, workshops, engineering, fabrication and industrial sites.

Each year in manufacturing, an average of 22 workers die in workplace accidents. There is also an average of more than 3,100 reports of major injuries and about 4,100 reports of injuries that kept workers away from work for seven days or more.

According to the HSE, many manufacturing workers also suffer ill health from workplace exposures. It is estimated that each year an average of 33,000 workers suffer from illness caused or made worse by their current or most recent job in manufacturing.

Thurra has been working in this sector for over twenty years, keeping equipment safe and operational and protecting the people who work there. The Thurra team of talented and experienced engineers have put together a free comprehensive guide, including:

  • the relevant legislation
  • the importance of inspections
  • the equipment commonly found in industrial settings
  • handy tips on remaining compliant between inspections and protecting your people

The equipment used in this sector often carries huge risk of injury or death if unsafe or incorrectly operated. You can view the report here. Or for any immediate answers to your questions, you can contact them on 01706 355452.