Seven ways to use change for positive business growth

Here at StoneHouse Logic we’ve recently made the move to new offices. We haven’t gone far. In fact we can see our old office on the Blackburn Road from the windows here at Red Rose Court. We realised we needed to move after a number of different factors came together, each with their own knock-on effect.

markhopeBy Mark Hope, StoneHouse Logic.

The first was the winning of a new contract. This is always brilliant news and we’re thrilled to be working on a new and in-depth project.

The second was the hiring of new members of staff - and the welcoming of our new apprentices, Ethan and Joseph. On a very basic level our new hires - which include Colin, our resident cyber security expert - required more chairs, more desk space and more room.

The third, which now that we’re entering the autumn months doesn’t seem quite so vital, was a need for air-conditioning throughout the building. Who knew Lancashire could get so balmy?

Any big change like an office move or even a summer break can be used as a powerful opportunity of growth for your business. Think for a moment. How often in the course of the year do you manage to step back for a while, to take stock and review what’s in place and consider what could be changed or improved upon?

A change is, as they say, as good as a rest. Having just made an office move ourselves, we’ve compiled a useful guide to using change to drive your company’s growth.

SHL21. Change gives you a chance to save time and streamline

An office move, traditionally a time of high stress, can present you with an opportunity to refine your business operations. So that when you begin life in your new office space, you have all you need to move forward and to grow.

From clearing out the piles of papers that accumulate in any office space to archiving old files, this is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. (It might also be the perfect excuse to upgrade the office kettle and invest in that stunning coffee machine you’ve had your eye on.)

Similarly a summer break can give you added clarity of thought and help you to see places in your business where changes can be made to save time and/or money.

2. Change presents an opportunity to save money and increase agility

Just as you might think about changing your gas and electricity providers at the time of a house move, so returning from time away or planning ahead for an office move is the perfect time to evaluate your current service providers. Taking time to investigate more agile solutions can reveal packages and providers that offer better value for money - a simple way to support the future of your business.

3. Big changes are a chance to generate business

When was the last time you contacted every single one of your customers or prospects? Returning to work and saying hello after a summer break or announcing the news of an office move can be a powerful way to generate new business. A seasonal newsletter or change of address card can be a great way to remind people that you exist and create top of mind awareness and demand for your services.

4. SHL1Change allows you to update and upgrade

Is your business already using cloud computing? Are your servers up to date and ready for the next five years’ service? Are you leasing equipment that it would make more financial sense to buy? Whether you’re retu rning from a break or are planning an office move, making a regular inventory of your equipment is a solid way to match your upcoming requirements with your current capabilities and clearly identify areas for business growth.

5. Change lets you catch up with the competition

Look at your current network infrastructure. Does it meet the demands of your business today? Is it capable of meeting the demands of the upcoming months and years? Make sure you don’t get left behind. Big changes can give you a chance to see the bigger picture and identify and improve your company’s network structure, speed and bandwidth for added strength in the marketplace.

6. Change presents opportunities for learning

Just as you can use change to create an inventory of your office hardware and service contracts, so you can step back and look to see if there are opportunities to increase the learning within your business. New equipment may require staff training days and this can be a chance to boost morale, enhance communication and build the skill set of your team.

7. Change highlights the need for enhanced security

When was the last time you backed up all your company data? Is it safely stored in multiple locations? Using an off-site data centre can give you added peace of mind when making any changes within your business, either to internal systems or external hardware. Making multiple copies of vital documents is also a good idea.

So there it is. Our guide to using change to boost your business growth. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day running of your business. That’s why it’s important to take time out every now and again. It gives you a fresh perspective, allows for clear thinking and can lead to positive change.

Supporting our customers through the period of an office move is a key part of what we do here at StoneHouse Logic.

We understand how vital it is to ensure your IT infrastructure, from your servers to your phone lines, is up and running as quickly as possible and without any hitches. (In fact we think this is second only in line to making sure no-one packs the kettle and the teabags).

We’re also specialists in developing the right IT infrastructure to meet your company’s evolving needs. So, if you’re entering a period of change, through relocation, business growth or a need to streamline, and you need some friendly expert support, get in touch with us today. Trust us, you’re in good company. We’re at our new offices in Red Rose Court at the Clayton Business Park, alongside our new neighbours at the Chamber of Commerce.