Senator's Sustain marks 10 years of recycling

Sustain, part of the Accrington-based Senator Group, has diverted 7.5million kg of waste and packaging from landfill in its first ten years.

From a purpose-built £1.5m, 15,000f sq ft recycling unit in Huncoat, the project takes disused materials, packaging and redundant furniture from its own customers and competitors. It has recycled more than 270,000 items to date, equating to an emissions saving of 8,790,798 Kg/CO2.

All furniture is stripped into its component part and is then either made into other items, recycled or disposed of responsibly.

Hard plastics can be granulated and turned into plastics granules or pellets, which can then be extruded into a variety of new products, including components for new office furniture. Wood is either repurposed, shredded to make animal bedding, or put into the biomass boilers which heat the company's factories and offices.

Foam, of which 25 tonnes is recycled each year, can be turned into carpet underlay, and 50 tonnes of fabric each year is reused as packaging material, mattress filling or the padding inside boxing punch bags.

Sustain has set the standard in the industry.

Aluminium and steel is also recycled for a wide variety of uses.

Senator has also undertaken a number of charitable projects, and in 2018 donated tables and chairs to the Burnley FC’s Community Kitchen, which includes a foodbank, café, teaching kitchen and meeting space, to help support vulnerable people in the area.

Oli Clarke, Senator’s strategic business projects manager for Senator, said: “The Senator Group is the UK’s largest manufacturer of office furniture and as such, we take our sustainability responsibility very seriously. We identified a need to find a solution to stop redundant furniture ending up in landfill and from that Sustain was born.

Oli added: “The Landfill Tax is costing us and our customers a fortune, so the Sustain approach helps to save the environment and money. It has been a huge success over the past 10 years and has helped us to radically change how we operate but also has set the standard in the industry."