Seminar offers shareholder advice to local business owners

Two well-established Lancashire firms are coming together to offer a breakfast seminar for businesspeople on the importance of planning for the future through a shareholders' agreement.

laurence-oconnor-financial-affairsOn Wednesday 16 November Laurence O'Connor of Financial Affairs and Stephen Jarman of Taylors Solicitors will lead the free event aimed at business owners and shareholders.

The seminar, which takes place at Burnley Football Club between 7.30am and 9am, will cover why shareholder agreements are important and how to get them right, plus the most suitable insurance protection for shareholders.

Stephen Jarman, partner at Taylors Solicitors which has offices in Blackburn and Manchester, said: "No one in business wants to think about what could happen if they have a dispute with their business partner, or if something were to happen to them. But after any such event it's often too late to resolve matters easily. A properly prepared shareholders' agreement can help with many eventualities."

The breakfast seminar will highlight a number of business situations that can result in disputes among shareholders, for example management disagreements, partners not pulling their weight and even death.

At the seminar experienced solicitor Stephen Jarman will highlight the reasons for having a shareholders' agreement and the importance of getting the agreement right. He will also speak about what could go wrong for businesses that don't have shareholders' agreements in place and why such agreements should be regularly reviewed.

stephen-jarman-taylors-solicitorsLaurence O'Connor, managing director of Burnley-based Financial Affairs, said: "I'm keen to use the seminar to impart advice to business owners to help them protect themselves against the risks that may affect their business, including the death of a shareholder. I will give them a snapshot of the various protection products that are available so that any cover that sits behind an agreement is fit for purpose, tax efficient and covers the widest possible criteria for the premiums paid."

Laurence, a qualified financial adviser with an in depth knowledge of commercial, corporate and personal insurance, will offer guidance around shareholder protection and insurance options to provide stability if a key person in the business should become unable to work or pass away.

Following the two presentations, delegates will have the opportunity to question Stephen and Laurence. The free seminar in the Dr Iven Suite at Burnley Football Club on Wednesday 16 November also includes breakfast and a networking opportunity. To book places, call 01254 297900 or email