Selecting the right software

When choosing software or technology, you first need to define that it should help achieve your corporate objectives or provide a clear benefit to your organisation’s primary role.

The software or technology that you implement also needs to be written for the purpose it’s planned to be used for.

We often find that approximately 60 per cent of software is used by organisations for an activity that’s not its primary purpose, which limits its useful and hinders overall efficiency and productivity.

But whatever the function, the software and the organisation must be secure in its approach and ensure that it’s passed all the relevant certifications for use. When working with clients, we operate a straightforward process.

Review what’s in place, move the correct data to the right place, and ensure it’s secure.

Our experts use our proven approach and patented technology to help increase operational efficiency while establishing the appropriate controls.

However, the best software any company can have is the software that sits in the minds of the humans who work within any organisation – it’s called mindset.

By building this mindset through digitalarmour™, our training and adoption service designed to limit the risk of human error, employees will help secure an organisation from any mishaps.

The type of critical thinking is essential for workforces that are more mobile, more remote, and more diverse than ever before.

So, in short, make sure you start by educating the mindset of the employees and then let the employees help define the software needed to power and secure your business or organisation.