Security the Bay Gateway

Lingwood Security Management are proud to have been involved in the creation of the new road linking the existing Heysham Bypass from Morecambe Road to the M6.

The new road, christened ‘The Bay Gateway’ is 3 miles long and is the final stages of its construction and sources ( say this will be completed in autumn 2016.

Lingwood Security have been working for Costain to support their delivery of this major new road, providing security patrols and on-site security to ensure the safe storage of valuable machinery and materials.

The project itself has presented a number of challenges, as the road has needed to go over and under road, rail & river with eleven different structures involved. This has required a number of different security processes and patrols that Lingwood Security have successfully managed.

The road includes 11 major structures, including a 30 meter pre cast arch making it the longest in the UK, over 1.7 million cubic metres of earth has been moved, 20 kilometres of cables and pipes belonging to Utility companies have been diverted, 3000 jobs have been provided by the project, 100 unemployed local people taken on and £1000s generated for local charities. Speaking about The Bay Gateway, director Alan Lingwood said: “We take great pleasure in being involved with any projects that directly benefit the local area. We are proud of our town and believe this new road will have a positive impact. From a business point of view, it will also give Lingwood Security a more direct link to the M6 from our headquarters at Heysham Port.”