Sceptre Leisure doesn’t gamble on disaster recovery

Preston-based Sceptre Leisure  has chosen not to gamble with its core office applications by selecting Microsoft Office 365 to power its email, storage and collaboration for its increasingly mobile workforce of 300 users.

Sceptre Leisure supplies snooker tables, juke boxes and fruit machine across the UK to a customer base including regional brewers, pub companies, free trade customers and various chains.

The company needed enterprise-grade collaboration that was accessible at any time, on any device and in any location. Its users can be working at any of their 12 sites nationwide or at any of their 20,000 amusement and lottery machines located in the UK.

Unified World Communications, along with one of its partners Vodafone, conducted a full review of the requirements and recommended Office 365 - a proven solution provided within Microsoft data centres and managed jointly by Microsoft and Vodafone.

Like many of Unified World’s customers, Sceptre Leisure operates in a competitive and rapidly changing market. The need to provide a high-quality flexible service, without the need for costly servers, is of extreme importance for the business to adapt to our customers’ requirements.

“To cater to the increasing demand from employees for communication access virtually anytime, anywhere, we sought a compelling flexible solution that could integrate with our existing IT infrastructure.” said Peter Robinson, IT director of Sceptre Leisure.

“By using Office 365, Sceptre Leisure have been able to reduce the cost of deploying email and collaboration, and as Microsoft manage all of the upgrades, we are set to save in IT costs.” Office 365 is provided on a simple monthly per user cost, and allows for the number of users to change frequently to meet seasonal requirements.